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Tarini Ahuja plays with the notions of illusion in painting and projects a whimsical feel through her works. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, she aims to create, through her paintings a space for solace and reflection, an escape from the mundane. Her handling of paint is intended to cause an effect of puzzlement to the viewer, the colour usage, and the contrast between thick and thin along with the use of shadows is a deliberate visual trickery. She uses acrylic paints as they are a versatile medium and allow her to experiment with the materiality of the paint. While painting she follows the rules of a self-imposed game of which the biggest challenge is to find the balance between being impulsive and purposive.


   Wabi Sabi is beauty in the inconspicuous, unconventional, the overlooked details. It is an intuitive worldview founded by the Zen Buddhists. These pieces have been selected from her oeuvre between 2010 and 2015, they are part of her Ma, Whiteout, Light, Fluere, Vibrant and Cinereous series.

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